Welcome to Rio Hondo Prep

Like all schools, Rio Hondo Preparatory School has a unique story to tell. Unlike most schools, however, students come to RHP by way of an after-school youth program dedicated to building teamwork and character through athletics, the Kare Youth League. RHP began in the early 1960s as a dream inspired by parents who realized that their children thrived in the team environment of the Kare Youth League. They wanted a school that could nurture academic success in the same way they had seen their children grow and respond to the challenges of team-centered athletics, camping and character training. The youth leaders picked up the challenge. They organized a faculty and prepared for the school’s opening in 1964.
Fifty years later, the fundamentals remain the same.
Students who enter RHP (or the elementary division, Pearl Prep) have already participated as friends and teammates in a year-round program of all major sports – some have played since they were five years old. They love their teams, and all of the activities included. They come to RHP by individual choice. They want to pursue a college-prep education, and they want to continue playing together in a year-round team environment. They join a school with an enriched curriculum where every student will participate in extra-curricular activities, typically from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

They also choose to come to a school where a primary goal is to learn to be lifelong “Kares,” those who Kare about their own future, who Kare about others, and who Kare about God. They choose a school with “Positive Peer Pressure.” They are mentored by a team of faculty members, leaders and coaches who each have made a lifelong commitment to nurturing children, and who are passionate both about youth and learning.

Faculty members are intrinsically involved in the day-to-day lives of the students by way of their own experiences growing up in the Kare program. They immerse themselves both in and out of the classroom as mentors, trainers and coaches. They maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.

They are supported by a “small town” type of community. Their school environment is geared to children and families. Their campus is free of profanity. Although the school is non-denominational, it is Christian in setting. Students are expected to attend church regularly and to give attention to personal devotional time.

They will most certainly compete in athletics. They will join very competitive teams, whose coaches use sports to teach and reveal character. They will model being a “Kare.” They will join a campus with a strong tradition of pursuing championships: fourteen CIF Football titles, three basketball titles and two volleyball titles.

They will also experience music, art, dance and drama. As a team, they will make trips across America and Europe; they will serve the community as mentors. They will learn self-governance. They will tackle challenging coursework including AP exams and college courses.

They will leave RHP enriched by a multitude of experiences, and trained to “Kare.”

RHP Through the Years

The Kare Youth League Program


Our Philosophy

Rio Hondo Prep seeks to provide an atmosphere where average students can thrive, without being sidetracked by disruptive influences. We provide a college preparatory education for those students who might otherwise be lost in the crowd, believing that students of average academic abilities can succeed and indeed excel at the college level and in the vocations that follow if they are given personal attention and encouragement.


Positive Peer Pressure

Rio Hondo Prep provides a college preparatory education in a safe and nurturing environment where the average student can thrive without being sidetracked by disrupting influences. Students are bound together by common experiences as they travel together on unique summer tours and class trips, gaining first hand experience in history, government, science and fine arts. Everyone gains from participating in the student government, perfoming in musical groups and playing on athletic teams. 


What is a Kare?

A Kare is more than a mascot; it is a way of life. Rio Hondo students are expected to represent "Kare" not only on the field or court, but in everyday life. They Kare about their relationship with their Creator. They Kare for others, putting their own interests aside and learning to serve. They also demonstrate Kare in the classroom which encourages them to excel in academics, creating a Karing environment on campus and a place where the younger students are encouraged and supported.

The RHP Advantage

  • Founded in 1964
  • Grades 6 Through 12
  • Small Class Sizes
  • WASC Accredited
  • Drama and Speech Opportunities
  • Summer Historical Tours
  • Successful CIF Sports Program
  • Financial Aid Available
  • 99% College Enrollment
  • Stimulating Academic Environment
  • Enrichment Program
  • Personal Attention
  • Encouragement
  • High Moral Standards
  • Consistent Attention to Progress
  • Literature Based English Curriculum
  • Middle School Latin Program
  • Hands-on Science Program
  • Development of Transferable Computer Skills
  • ESL Classes for International Students
  • Musical Performance Groups- for all grades
  • Class Trips every Year
  • Advanced Placement Courses for College Credit
  • Full College-prep Math Program from Pre-Algebra through AP Calculus
  • Affiliated with Kare Youth League and Pearl Prep Elementary

 Directions to Rio Hondo Prep