RHP Transcripts

Report Cards issued at the end of each quarter for Middle School or semester for High School indicate the grades that will appear on official transcripts. It is important to review these regularly and to bring any mistakes to the attention of the school office before a transcript is requested. When a student transfers, the new school will mail an official request for the student’s records and we will mail them directly to that school. The official transcripts can also be forwarded to designated schools or individuals upon request. Such requests must be made in writing at least five working days prior to the date on which they are to be sent. There is no charge for the first three transcripts issued. There is a $1 charge for each additional transcript, a $10.00 charge for accelerated handling and a $25 charge for next day service.

A ‘Request for Transcripts’ form can be obtained from the school office during school hours or by mailing a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Rio Hondo Prep. We are unable to handle transcript requests over the phone.

Parents of currently enrolled or former pupils have the right to access any and all pupil records related to their children which are maintained by the school. If a parent would like to review their child’s record they are to submit a request in writing to the school office. The records will be made available to the parent within twenty-four hours. Copies will be made upon request and the parent has a right to request a hearing to challenge the content of the record.