TUITION AND FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Tuition covers most activities and expenses at Rio Hondo Prep. It includes books and the yearly class trip. Tuition does not include the summer tour or sports fees. Tuition prices for the current year will be mailed or emailed to you upon request. The information will include a Tuition Worksheet that gives the details on both the tuition costs for multiple children and the payment plans. If you would like this information you can e-mail Rio Hondo Prep and if you include your name and address we will send it to you.

TUITION DEPOSIT: Upon acceptance, you will be billed according to the payment plan selected. To hold your child’s seat, we ask for a non-refundable deposit within two weeks of acceptance. This deposit will be applied to the school bill when school begins.

BOOK AND BREAKAGE DEPOSIT: There is a refundable book and breakage deposit. This fee is due before school begins each year but is generally carried over from one year to the next. Deductions are made from this deposit for lost books or damages to property. When a student graduates or transfers to another school, refunds will be made when it has been ascertained that all school property has been returned and there are no other outstanding bills.

ADDITIONAL CHILDREN DISCOUNT: Discounts are available for additional children in the family.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to school is available from designated stops for a fee. Transportation home from school is available through regular Kare Youth League transportation runs. There is no additional fee for these take homes to members of Kare Youth League. Transportation is paid at the beginning of each semester. In emergencies, students who have not signed up for transportation may go to one of the existing school stops and ride the bus for $2.00 payable to the bus driver upon boarding.

FINANCIAL AID: Reduced tuition is available to a limited number of students on financial need. Click here to find out more about financial aid.

REFUND POLICY: Tuition is considered due for each semester at the beginning of that semester whether it has been paid in full or not. If a child withdraws prior to the school year’s opening, tuition that has been paid in advance will be refunded minus the non-refundable deposit. Once a student has attended any part of a semester the entire semester tuition is due. If a child withdraws, no refunds will be made and any balance owed will still be due.