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Classroom instruction at Rio Hondo Prep has moved online! Students can receive instructions, interact with their classmates, turn in homework, take quizzes, enjoy both live and recorded video lectures, communicate with their teachers and peers and much more! Below you will find information on how to join the Google Classroom and how parents can stay informed of assignments.

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    In order to access the Google Classroom, students must use their RHP email accounts. If you are not sure what your username and password are please contact our school office.

1) Go to www.google.com and login with your RHP email account:


2) View your list of classes:


Our staff has been working hard to create their online courses and invite students to join their classroom. Students should have received an email with an invitation to join their classes. Be sure to accept the invitations so you can be part of the class. If you never received an invitation you can still join the class with a Class Code. Click on the link below to view a list of classes. It is organized by alphabetical order of our staff. Once you have your code, go back to classroom.google.com and click on the PLUS sign on the top right. Select Join Class and enter the class code. It's that easy!

TeacherClassClass Code
Casey ClevengerWorld Historyrmxnwtw
Ginger Demers6th Grade Earth Scienceqpfywys
Ginger Demers8th Grade Life Sciencetpxet6m
Ginger Demers10th Grade Biologyemmo5me
Ginger DemersChemistrynjptkzq
Devon DrainMath 34niki67
Devon DrainGeometryao3vnby
Rod HeatonMS English Reading Enrichmentjd2jqeb
Rod HeatonAdvanced Artqdk6wel
Rod HeatonMS Artmiai4qt
Rod HeatonPrep Clubwuppeps
Chris HortonHonors US Literature6usseu3
Christina Horton8th Grade Language Art3orwapv
Christina HortonBritish Literaturensmds5s
Christina HortonHonors World Literaturehplumxj
Phil Horton9th Grade Physical Sciencewhepi4l
Phil HortonComputer Appsxspfsu6
Tiffany Horton6th Grade Englishholxrsc
Tiffany Horton6th Grade Ancient Civilizationsklk6pgh
Tiffany HortonLatin 1B3kwys6q
Tiffany HortonRoom 12 2019-20zf467zc
Edwin IxtaSpanish 2do47wq3
Edwin IxtaAlgebra 1 - HSt4bov42
Edwin IxtaAlgebra 1 - MShmni5wc
Edwin IxtaAlgebra 264k5z6z
Lindy JoeHS ChoirArt/Music Historyzcigvoo
Lindy JoeMS Girls Drill Teamj2mz5zx
Lindy JoeHistory of Art and Music2wrqrhm
Dan KirbyMS Marching Band Directorwztacw7
Marsha JohnsonAP Psychologyfka7yqb
Marsha JohnsonAP Statisticsyfagl5p
Greg Loomis9th Grade Englishnjxk43n
Greg LoomisAdvanced ESLvjt6xp6
Tim LunneyMath Analysisu57wbc3
Tim LunneyAP Calculus ABkinx2lx
Tim Lunney7th Grade Physical Sciencepysm5tt
Tim LunneyHS Physics6b5l4k2
Jeanette Martin7th Grade Writing/Grammarf5b2emq
Jeanette Martin7th Grade Literature7k4ntvc
Jeanette Martin7th Grade Medieval & Early Modern Timesjw4gi7m
Jeanette MartinLatin 1Ahq2vn2a
Jeanette MartinMath 2lbv3rv5
Belinda MosherVisual Arts/Computer Graphicsp6z3rwq
Belinda MosherYearbookdalpcj7
Leslie OrsburnLatin 2zqtccon
Leslie OrsburnLatin 3djgylki
Holli Shelton8th Grade Historyw2idrt4
Holli SheltonUS History2v54isx
Holli SheltonAP US Historyao4ggms
Holli SheltonMath 1apinlde
Will TorricoSpanish 1fdjaa5a
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3) Open your classroom and check out the Stream. This includes general announcements and assignments.


4) Click on the Classwork tab to find lesson plans, assignments, worksheets, videos and more. There is also a link to your class calendar and class Google Drive Folder where your teacher may post more information.

  • Student and Parent videos

5) Informational Video - Please watch the video below to learn how to use the Google Classroom.

General Overview

6) Parent/Guardian Video - Receive email summaries of your student's progress in Google Classroom:

If you are interested in receiving weekly updates on your child's progress in school please contact your child's teacher and request to be added to the Google Classroom as a Parent/Guardian. The teacher will send you an invitation through the email you provide. Follow the instructions in the video below to learn more.

General Overview