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Spanish 1 & 2


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Spanish 3


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Latin 1A


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Latin 1B


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Latin 2 & 3


  • Latin 1A (Grade 7)

    Introduction to Latin- corresponds to the first semester of High School Latin. Through the Cambridge Latin Course students are brought to a reading level where the pleasures of Latin authors are open to them. Course includes a historically stimulating story line based in ancient Pompeii with grammatical and cultural information woven throughout. (5 H.S. Units)
  • Latin 1B (Grade 8)

    This course corresponds to second semester of High School Latin 1. Continuation of reading course; increased emphasis on reading comprehension skills and grammatical concepts; integrated study of cultural contributions of the Roman Empire, geography and mythology. (5 H.S. Units)
  •  Latin 2AB (Grade 9)

    Continuation of reading course, development of higher levels grammatical reasoning skills. Emphasis is given to the Latin influence in English, along with presentation of cultural topics, including the glory of the Empirical period. (10 Units)
  • Latin 3AB (Grade 10)

    Continuation of reading course with an introduction to Latin literature. A survey course including works of Martial, Ovid, Pliny, Catullus and others, with intensive review of vocabulary and grammar in context. (10 Units)
  • Spanish 1AB (M.S./H.S.)

    This course is designed to assist students in the elementary acquisition of a second (or third) language. Through daily oral and written practice, students will gain knowledge and skills necessary to communicate with peers on basic topics of interest, begin to create their own ideas, and use the language creatively.
  • Spanish 2AB (Grade 9,10)

    This course is a continuation of skills introduced in Spanish I with increased emphasis on oral communication and reading comprehension. Students will learn the mechanics of Spanish in speaking, listening, and writing in order to begin a functional and working knowledge of the language. Various cultural topics are also introduced and discussed to further learn about other Spanish speaking countries.
  • Spanish 3AB (Grade 10)

    Continuation of skills introduced in Spanish 2 with an introduction to Spanish literature and Spanish media by method of periodicals and the internet. Development of higher levels of communication skills. (10 Units)