Physical Science 9 Lab Course

Lab Weeks - May 11-22

These assignments will go towards your Physc9B Lab grades from the Arizona Trip


Monday, May 11
PowerPoint and Quiz Day1 Lab - The What and How of Fossils
Tuesday, May 12
PowerPoint and Lab Assignment Day 2 Lab - Assignment

Send me a picture/Scan of the Data Table by the end of the day.

Wednesday, May 13
PowerPoint and Quiz Day 3 - The What, Where and How of Earthquakes
Thursday, May 14
PowerPoint and Computer Lab Day 4 - Earthquake Computer Lab

Email me your completion certificate to [email protected]

Friday, May 15
Zzzzz El cuarto día del profesor de ciencias.

OK, so I used Google translate, so if the above says that your teacher is a doofus, please ignore - thank you!

Week 2
Monday, May 18
PowerPoint Day 5 - Lab Apparatus
Tuesday, May 19
Quizizz Day 6 - Lab Apparatus Quiz
Wednesday, May 20
PowerPoint Day 7 - Spectroscopy in Astronomy
Thursday, May 21
Quizizz Day 8 - Alternative Energy Sources
Friday, May 22
Zzzzzz You are done! Congratulations!!!
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