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RHP Weekly Email 8-18-21

By Tim Lunney | Aug 18, 2021
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UPDATE FOR 2020-21 School Opening

By Tim Lunney | Aug 15, 2020

Based on current Covid Case rates, Rio Hondo Prep will begin the 20-21 school year online – with a full daily schedule of classes that mirrors the in-person schedule.  We look forward to opening in person at the earliest possible date allowed by Los Angeles County. Due to the high number of new Covid cases…

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RHP Weekly Parent Email for Tuesday, March 17, 2020

By Tim Lunney | Mar 18, 2020

Dear Parents, I trust all of you are settling in to your home-school environment!  Before the general announcements, I want to let you know how amazed our WASC accrediting committee was with your children and their learning progress.  Each member of the committee saw the “Kare” throughout all ages, including their interviews with parents, teachers…

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RHP Update on the Coronavirus and suspension of classes for two weeks – March 13, 2013

By Tim Lunney | Mar 13, 2020

Dear RHP Parents and Students, As most of you are aware, there are new measures being put into place on a daily basis to contain and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The principals of RHP and Pearl, together with Kare Youth League directors are continually monitoring the recommendations of public health officials. With that…

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RHP MS & HS Weekly Parent Email and Fliers

By Tim Lunney | Mar 11, 2020

RHP Updates for Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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Coronavirus Update

By Tim Lunney | Mar 9, 2020

March 5, 2020 Dear Rio Hondo Prep Community: Rio Hondo Prep/Pearl Prep and Kare Youth League are continuing to monitor the latest developments about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure that our students, families, faculty, and staff remain safe and healthy. At this time, there are no plans…

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RHP MS HS Weekly Parent Email and Fliers for Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

By Tim Lunney | Jan 21, 2020

Dear Parents, We have two BIG EVENTS coming up in the next two weeks! The first BIG EVENT is the RHP Inaugural ceremony for new Academy President, senior Derek Almendarez, and his Vice President, senior Rachel Dang. The theme of this Inaugural is "Being a Light" and the current 8th grade class will also be…

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RHP HS Parent Weekly Email and Fliers for Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020

By Tim Lunney | Jan 7, 2020

Happy New Year RHP Parents, Welcome to the start of 2020! I hope your Christmas holiday was joyous and you feel revitalized for the new year. This year two RHP Seniors, Emily Guerrero and Rachel Dang volunteered many hours at Rose Parade events as Tournament of Roses Student Ambassadors – representing RHP. Congrats to Emily…

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