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RHP Parents Weekly Email and Fliers for September 24, 2019

By Tim Lunney | Sep 24, 2019

Dear Parents, This week the Middle Schoolers have the campus to themselves as the high school students all have intensive science camps off-campus. On Monday, the 9th graders traveled to Arizona to study Geology while the 10th -12th graders went to Mount Kare in Wrightwood to study Natural History (10), Astronomy (11) and Wilderness Survival…

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RHP Parents Weekly Email and Fliers for Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019

By Tim Lunney | Sep 17, 2019

Dear Parents, On Sunday, the HS students celebrated the Inauguration of their fall president, senior Alex Esquiaqui. The students enjoyed a formal luncheon with a skyline view from the 21st floor of the Sheraton Universal Hotel. Several upperclassmen gave inspirational speeches as a part of the program. Vice-President Rachel Dang presented the challenge to the…

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RHP HS Weekly Parent Email and Fliers for Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019

By Tim Lunney | Sep 10, 2019

Dear Parents, The big event for the high school students this Sunday is the Inaugural luncheon for the new Academy president, senior Alex Esquiaqui. It will be a fun and exceptional event, including a luncheon in the beautiful Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City. Many 10-12th grade students will be honored with the Pin of…

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